Agreement on digitally supported regional planning in Oderland-Spree

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On 22 June 2023, the first practical workshop of our EmPowerPlan project took place with the stakeholders of the Oderland-Spree Regional Planning Authority in Fürstenwalde. The aim was to align the subsequent development of our modelling tool with the regional visualisation needs and the upcoming local planning process.  

The workshop was preceded by the search for a suitable implementation partner for the practical phase. To this end, we held exciting discussions with various planning regions in Germany about the planning situation on the ground. They actively supported our project and ultimately made the choice difficult. The Oderland-Spree Regional Planning Community turned out to be the most suitable for the tool testing planned in our project and was happy to agree to the cooperation.  

In the EmPowerPlan project, we combine the analysis of a region's energy system with the current planning process. This enables us to address specific questions from municipal planning stakeholders on energy sources, storage facilities and climate protection targets. Herewe use open dynamic energy modelling in the project. In a total of three practical workshops, we determine the targets, test our modelling tool and compare the results of regional planning with the national expansion targets in Germany. 

We would like to thank the Oderland-Spree Regional Planning Office for a lively, constructive and result-oriented kick-off!