Communication and publicity

Scientific and technological developments are rapidly changing our everyday lives. They affect individuals as well as the community. It is therefore all the more important that these developments are discussed not only among experts but also among the general public.

The first prerequisite for this is the communication of information. We evaluate texts and materials, especially on behalf of federal ministries and authorities, with regard to comprehensibility, accuracy, neutrality and transparency. This is important, for example, to inform citizens about the importance of radiation protection or to motivate heating system owners to replace old systems earlier.

Our special focus, however, is on the debates on technologies and scientific findings in the public sphere. We analyse discourses on social media, bioeconomy or nuclear power, among others, by means of media analyses as well as document analyses in scientific databases and collect the views of experts and the population on this. We develop materials to illustrate and communicate the often complex interrelationships. And we carry out dialogue and discourse projects with which we enable and motivate private individuals to participate in the debates.