In this large European collaborative project, IZT worked on further reducing the energy consumption of European railways through intelligent measurement systems. Companies from the railway industry and infrastructure operators such as Network Rail Infrastructure Limited, Deutsche Bahn AG, Siemens AG and Alstom Transport S.A. were involved.

The joint research initiative of the European Union and the European rail industry "SHIFT2RAIL" invested 920 million euros over several years in an attractive, competitive, customer- and climate-friendly European rail system. In the "In2Stempo" sub-project, which started in 2017, 19 European research and practice partners worked on innovative solutions for railway stations, power supply and energy consumption measurement. IZT was concerned with minimising energy consumption through intelligent measurement systems. This includes the following questions: Which measurement sensors are needed? What do they cost? Where do they have to be installed? What data can be collected? How can this data be managed? Could the data be used for early warning, e.g. to prevent short circuits and dangerous tunnel fires?