The Mittelstandsinitiative Energiewende und Klimaschutz wants to support small and medium-sized enterprises in identifying potential savings in energy consumption and implementing efficiency measures. To this end, it already offers a qualification measure that sensitises trainees to the topic of energy and energy efficiency as "EnergyScouts". Since 2017, the SME Initiative has provided an additional training module on resource efficiency. For this module, IZT developed the curriculum "Introduction to Resource Efficiency" together with VDI Zentrum Ressourceneffizienz GmbH. As qualified "resource scouts" in their training companies, the trainees are to help identify and document potential for greater resource conservation and efficiency and to encourage improvements.

Details of the curriculum "Resource Scout": In eight hours, the trainees learn that natural resources are limited and recognise where resources are used inefficiently. In a basic section on natural resources, they learn about the need to conserve resources using examples such as the smartphone. They know the raw materials that are contained in everyday products and which are used for their development and production. The trainees can implement exemplary measures for more resource conservation and efficiency in the company (e.g. waste, paper and water). They recognise that measures for more resource efficiency reduce material costs. In addition to the slides on the technical and technical-scientific basics of natural resources and resources in operational practice, the instructors receive detailed information on the didactic-methodical implementation of the contents.

Work packages of the IZT

  1. Development of the didactic concept for the curriculum "Introduction to Resource Efficiency".
  2. Content and didactic development of curriculum: Basics, Natural resources, Economic importance of resources, Resources in mobile phones and smartphones