The sustainability-oriented design of digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) is a core task for a socio-ecological transformation of the economy and society. However, the necessary knowledge base and a strategic framework for research and environmental policy are not sufficiently available. Against this background, the project "Transformation Roadmap Digitalisation and Sustainability" addresses existing research gaps, identifies hitherto unconsidered interactions between digitalisation and sustainability and develops decision- and action-relevant knowledge for politics, business and society.

To this end, the project builds on the ongoing discourses on the tense relationship between digitisation and sustainability as well as the current body of knowledge in relevant subject areas. In up to ten research lines, central aspects of the environmental policy design of digitalisation will be examined in depth. The high innovation dynamics of digitalisation and its rapid diffusion in the economy and society require new formats and a strategic orientation of research and scientific organisation. In order to achieve this, the project is developing innovative approaches for collaborative research and exploration of new topics. At the core of this is the targeted integration of a large number of relevant stakeholders and knowledge carriers into a dynamic research network. In this way, the project generates well-founded knowledge on existing issues and can at the same time flexibly take up current developments.

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