The project examined in which Berlin policy fields or milieus economic, social and ecological goals were already successfully linked in 2015/2016. It discussed which approaches and projects had the potential to become image-shaping for Berlin's future viability. The goal of the Berlin Sustainability Profile: to identify these profiling fields and illustrate them with innovative practical approaches.

The process of the project is considered an innovation in the field of local sustainability strategies in national and international comparison and was structured as follows: Existing strategies, plans and concepts of the Berlin Senate Administration in the relevant areas of urban development were evaluated. Approaches to sustainable development that already characterised Berlin at that time were highlighted, brought together and examined for their future potential. A high-calibre scientific monitoring committee provided expert input and the focus was supported by interviews, an online survey and a dialogue event. Berlin's sustainability profile and its profiling fields and leading brands were intended to show what the implementation of Berlin's numerous existing plans, strategies and concepts should focus on in order to make the city fit for the future as effectively as possible with the available resources. A brochure presented the results.

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