The bioeconomy is a dynamic field of innovation. It is considered to have a high potential for overcoming economic, social and ecological challenges. Due to the large number of actors and challenges, there is as yet no uniform vision. Because the future of the bioeconomy can only be thought of in the plural, it is necessary to translate the diversity of (un)possible and (un)desirable visions of the future into narratives, images and tangible spaces of imagination. In this way, the diverse, sometimes divergent bioeconomic futures can be made perceptible, comparable and discussable.

The aim of the project was to describe visions of the future of the bioeconomy with the means of design fiction in order to stimulate and moderate a critical discourse between innovators and stakeholders of the bioeconomy. In addition, various visions of the future were developed co-creatively, prepared for the interested public and made visible via various (social) media.