As part of the project, various - in part virtual - events were held at the Museum für Naturkunde (including a panel discussion, world café, scientific coffee klatsch, writing workshop, comic workshop, gala evening). These dialogue-oriented event formats gave rise to a multimedia exhibition curated by Ellery Studio (Berlin) both in the museum and on its own website. The framework was provided by the "Experimentation Field for Participation and Open Science" of the Museum für Naturkunde.

The new, open format for the Year of Science has shown: The future of the "bioeconomy" can be shaped, but questions arise in the process: Will the chemical industry switch its raw material base from petroleum to renewable raw materials? Will bioplastics solve the plastic problem? Will we in future dress in textiles that are produced biotechnologically? Will we eat meat substitutes produced in bioreactors in the future? Can the bioeconomy ultimately be a sustainable form of future economic activity?

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