The Corona crisis as a coupled health and economic crisis has shown how highly fragile our differentiated economic system oriented towards short-term efficiency is. One way out is the circular economy. Regional economic and resource cycles in particular are important for future sustainability, because local and regional circular value creation is more sustainable, increases the resilience of societies in times of crisis and strengthens social justice and inclusivity. The project "Circular City Berlin" analyses and promotes innovative approaches to the circular economy in different sectors of Berlin. In view of the growth of the Berlin metropolis, urban densification and increased economic prosperity, the long-term sustainable design of urban resource flows is increasingly coming into focus.

The project takes place within the framework of the joint project "Knowledge.Change.Berlin: Transdisciplinary Research for a Social and Ecological Metropolis" of the research network Ecornet Berlin and is carried out with the financial support of the Governing Mayor, Senate Chancellery - Science and Research Berlin.