In KEEKS-Berlin, school kitchen monitoring is carried out to improve the climate efficiency of school catering. Together with the school kitchen, the caterer, the (kitchen) management, the cafeteria committee (or other committees), interested teachers and staff, we examine the climate impact of the school kitchen or catering. This includes the climate relevance of the goods used, the energy consumption of the kitchen and the amount of waste. Adapted to the concrete conditions on site, options for action for a "climate-friendly" lunch supply are jointly developed and accompanied in their initial implementation. Within the framework of a 3 to 6-month school kitchen support, ten Berlin school kitchens and their catering companies were sensitised, advised and supported in introducing climate-friendly and sustainable school catering based on the results of the KEEKS project.

The project "Climate-friendly School Kitchens in Berlin" is based on results of the IZT-coordinated project "Climate-friendly School Kitchens (KEEKS)" (2016-2019). In September 2020, the campaign "Berlin saves energy" named the IZT project "Climate-friendly school kitchens in Berlin" as "Project of the Month". This campaign receives long-term support from the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. In summer 2020, the Berlin Senate adopted the nutrition strategy.

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