Malte Schmidthals

Senior Researcher

Dipl.-Ing. Environmental Engineering
The person

Malte Schmidthals has been working for the IZT in the research field "Education and Digital Media" since 2017. He works mainly on the topics of environmental education, resource conservation and climate protection. The focus of his work is on lesson development and the analysis of ways and potentials of greening educational institutions. The focus is always on the relationship between user behaviour, technical and organisational measures.

He is also a board member of the IZT Staff Association and Berlin 21 e. V.

Malte Schmidthals previously worked since 1992 as head of the department "Climate Protection and Environmental Education" and as part of the management team at the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU) e.V. There he was responsible for the development and implementation of practical projects in climate protection education.

In the 1980s, Malte Schmidthals graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a diploma in "Technical Environmental Protection" and deepened his studies in the subjects of water pollution control, waste management and wind energy use.


  • Environmental education
  • Resource conservation and climate protection
  • Lesson development
  • Greening of educational institutions
  • Interaction of education, user behaviour and technical-organisational measures