The Paris resolutions have led to the need to develop long-term political strategies for the decarbonisation of the transport sector. The project "T4<2° - The Global Foresight Project on Transforming Mobility by Mid-Century" saw itself as a direct initial impetus and impulse for the development of long-term strategies. Political strategies for decarbonising transport were the central objectives of the project. The analytical starting point and the strategic contextualisation lay in the concept of the global energy transition. To this end, the future of a global "transport turnaround" was to be made visible and comprehensible, its interactions and interdependencies with the energy turnaround transparent, and at the same time the role of German energy policy on a global scale accentuated. In the T4<2° project, transformation scenarios and narratives were formulated to serve programme development and action coordination at the international level. The aim of the overall project was to develop a qualitative study that presents the main future developments in the global transport sector against the backdrop of decarbonisation and the energy transition and provides recommendations for action for relevant stakeholders in the global context. The main focus was on the integration of different perspectives of relevant actors and on a holistic coverage of different perspectives from the respective mobility and transport environments. The IZT supported this project in the form of methodological support and consultancy.

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