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resilient mobility in baden württemberg
Resilient mobility in Baden-Württemberg
Challenges for and requirements of an electrified mobility system of the future
Authors Thomas, Dirk; Collosche, Ingo; Steck, Lisa; Flores Trần, Sabine
Year of publication 2023
izt publication
Sustainability assessment of socio-technical innovation and biomass use pathways
Joint project: Climate-Resilient Urban-Rural Cooperation: Regional Innovations in Biomass Energy Use and Governance
Authors Degel, Melanie; Hackfort, Sarah; Steck, Lisa
Year of publication 2022
Potential analysis Elbe Valley
Potential analysis in the innovation field "New Ways" for the joint project "Wendland-Elbe Valley - Sustainable Elbe Valley. New Work - New Paths - New Forms of Living".
Authors Thomas, Dirk; Flores, Sabine; Florian, Anna; Steck, Lisa; Lichtnekert, Stefan
Year of publication 2021
Working after Corona
Why home office is good for the climate
Authors Büttner, Lisa; Breitkreuz, Anna
Year of publication 2020
How COVID-19 working routines can save emissions in a post-COVID-19 world
Authors Büttner, Lisa; Breitkreuz, Anna
Year of publication 2020
Economies of transformation
Approaches to sustainable management
Authors Zwiers, Jakob; Hackfort, Sarah; Büttner, Lisa
Year of publication 2020