Self-measure, log and also publish personal health data: This widespread phenomenon was summarised under the term "lifelogging". The discourse project "LogMySelf" introduced 16 to 26-year-olds to the opportunities and risks of self-measurement in order to teach them skills in dealing with lifelogging. Not only data such as pulse rate or jogging distance were measured, but increasingly also emotional states such as joy or sadness.

First, two pilot seminars were developed in the project. Subsequently, a toolbox with multimedia content was made available for school and out-of-school educational settings. At the same time, a representative survey among adolescents and young adults was planned to find out more information about lifelogging in this age group. A competition made young people's views on lifelogging better known.

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Moul 1: Introduction to the project topic LogMySelf

Module 2: Opportunities and risks of self-measurement technologies

Module 3: Consumer protection and legal aspects

Module 4: Recapitulation of the topic of self-measurement

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