Michaela Evers-Wölk

Research Director

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Communication Scientist (M. A.)

Research field

Health and well-being
The person

Michaela Evers-Wölk has worked at the IZT since 2004. Since 2019, she has been Head of the Research Field Health and well-being. Previously, she headed the thematic cluster Futurology and participation. together with Dr Edgar Göll

Its research and advisory fields are the development conditions, interrelationships and consequences of the use of information and communication technologies in the economy and society.

Together with Britta Oertel, she leads the IZT's work as part of the IZT's consortium membership with the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag.

In addition, Michaela Evers-Wölk is concerned with methods of future, innovation and technology impact research. Discursive, communication-oriented methods are a focus of her work.

Between 2000 and 2004, Michaela Evers-Wölk was project manager at Prognos AG in the Media and Communication division.

She studied Information Science and Economics at the Free University of Berlin (1989-97).


  • Applied futurology, future studies and foresight projects
  • Social innovations and innovation-oriented SWOT analysis
  • Technology Assessment and Technology Evaluation
  • Scenario technique (explorative/quantitative/normative)
  • Delphi surveys