Natural resources, especially raw materials, are key production factors and therefore fundamental for our prosperity. A conserving and efficient treatment of natural resources will have to be a key competence of future societies. An important step to more resource efficiency is fostering public awareness and establishing a corresponding culture to protect resources. Under the basic idea of “Education for Resource Preservation and Efficiency“, a large research project in Germany called “BilRess” aims to contribute to the goals of resource policy through an educational strategy. The main objective is to develop an “Educational Roadmap for Resource Conservation and Resource Efficiency (R&R)” in interaction with relevant actors in the educational system, describing steps to integrate the topic in all important educational contexts in the future. Therefore, an inventory of educational materials, interviews and focus groups with several actors were conducted and the BilRess-Network was established in 2014 (by now including 130 members). Results show that resource education is not yet established in the educational system in Germany. The paper will present intermediary results of the roadmap for the different areas of education (school, apprenticeship, further education, university/college) – including specific comprehensive requirements. Important factors include: Raising public awareness for sensible resource handling through campaigns, carving out practical relevance of R&R within all educational areas, strengthen networks between relevant actors, increasing awareness of institutions through further training sessions, establishing the idea of material resources in framework curricula, examination regulations, syllabi and teaching modules, further developing educational materials, media and teaching concepts for all educational areas, establishing learning platforms as well as extending qualification of teachers. In order to put these ideas into practice and foster resource preservation in education, including communication and education activities through political measures (e.g. ProgRess, German national resource efficiency programme), a political promotion scheme for the idea itself is required.
Baedeker, Carolin; Rohn, Holger; Scharp, Michael; Bowry, Jaya; Hasselkuß, Marco; Schmitt, Martina

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