CLIKIS network has also disseminated the results of the two successful predecessor projects in Germany "Climate and Energy Efficient Cuisine in Schools (KEEKS)" and Poland ("CLIKIS") in Estonia and Croatia. The climate impact of ingredients, energy consumption and food waste in school catering was reduced. 

In 2018, KEEKS was honoured with the UN Climate Prize "Momentum for Change" for its effective, relevant and transferable results and methods in this area. Up to 45 per cent of GHG emissions can be avoided by changing the composition of meals, conscious staff behaviour and the efficiency of kitchen appliances. 

The methodology of analysing kitchens, their evaluation from a climatic point of view and food offers were taught in train-the-trainer seminars to multipliers in the partner countries and - depending on the area of responsibility - disseminated to cooks, educational staff and school administrators. In co-operation with projects in other countries, the European CLIKIS network is being set up to exchange experiences. The network also contributes to the general debate on the future of food systems in terms of health, ecological safety and animal welfare. 

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