Crowdsourcing has so far been understood primarily as an innovation strategy to use creative ideas outside a company for a specific issue. The project "Internal Crowdsourcing in Companies" examined the extent to which potentials exist within a company and can be brought in. The focus was on the employee-friendly design of internal crowdsourcing (IC), the digital participation of employees including the works council in company processes via the crowd, and the opening of new qualification opportunities through crowd work. The Berlin energy service provider GASAG intended to adapt the model to be developed by scientists to its own application context, test it and develop it into a good practice model for IC in the service sector. Aim of the project: cross-sector reference model.

The IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment was responsible for the core concept "qualification & further training" in the project network. This was because all teams within the framework of internal crowdsourcing were to be offered customised skills development. To this end, IZT conducted qualitative interviews with employees and company management in order to ascertain the needs and expectations regarding new company qualification practices through internal crowdsourcing. The results of the interviews formed the basis for scenario workshops with these same stakeholders. Based on the workshop results, a jointly negotiated solution concept was finally developed.