How can foresight contribute to strengthening the sustainability of organisations? This question is to be answered as part of the EU-funded Strategic Foresight for Sustainability (SF4S) project. SF4S is an international joint project with partners from universities, vocational training institutions, innovation networks and companies from the fields of agriculture, nutrition, health and mobility. The aim is to strengthen future-oriented competences among students and professionals and thus support the transition to a more sustainable European economy, using an innovative approach based on proven tools and methods from the fields of strategic foresight, sustainability management and sustainable business model development.

Together with the other European partners, the IZT supported the empirical data collection on the needs and carried out a co-development project in the field of mobility. In cooperation with industrial partners such as Airbus, Michelin and Lufthansa, analyses were carried out on the future of mobility, a normative scenario for sustainable mobility in 2035 was developed and individual roadmaps were drawn up for all partners, showing possible paths to a sustainable future. In a further work package, the IZT developed a qualification course "Adaptive Foresight and Sustainability in Organisations" and carried out a prototype with a company from the research funding sector.