As part of the transport transition, real estate developers as well as mobility service providers are working on innovative mobility solutions in neighbourhoods and individual buildings. At Hermannplatz in Berlin, the Toyota subsidiary for mobility services Konto Deutschland GmbH and the Karstadt owner SIGNA Real Estate Management GmbH conducted a joint pilot. The result is this study on the acceptance of innovative services and vehicle concepts for employee mobility at the Karstadt Hermannplatz location. This study is entitled HENRIETTE KIEZ-CRUISER and thus refers to the mobility vision that SIGNA has developed for the conversion of Karstadt at Hermannplatz. In this SIGNA develops the vision that Hermannplatz and the building must be brought closely together - and that Hermannplatz could be made car-free as part of a liveable urban development. The title of this mobility vision is: HERMANN AND HENRIETTE, with Hermannplatz named "HERMANN" and the building named HENRIETTE to emphasise the close and reciprocal connection between the square and the building. The joint pilot Henriette KIEZ-CRUISER is about a mobility pilot for employees at Karstadt am Hermannplatz ( " HENRIETTE") using the i-Road, an innovative vehicle concept from cinema parent Toyota. The special driving characteristics of the i-Road and the typical Berlin neighbourhood situation at Hermannplatz give this study its name.
Thomas, Dirk; Flores Trần, Sabine; Ruge, Friederike
Fields of research

Mobility and urbanity