This deliverable documents the activities and outcomes of Task 5.3 “Business Plans, Impact Assessment and Exploitation strategies” within the 5G-VICTORI project. It encompasses the identification and promotion of project impact across various domains, focusing on business plans and modelling, exploitation strategies, and sustainability impact assessment. Business plans and sustainable business modelling drive economic impact, while exploitation strategies aim to leverage project results in technological, commercial and scientific way. The impact assessment evaluates sustainability impact and potentials, analyzing how different developments align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Section one on business models discusses sustainable business modelling in the 5G ecosystem context and presents the tools developed and applied in the context of 5G-VICTORI. Section two on exploitation documents the main assets created within 5G-VICTORI as well as exploitation activities and outcomes by partners. Section three focuses on impact assessment, explaining the approach taken and the scenario methodology used and presenting the results. It emphasizes the potential of 5G-enabled services to provide net contributions to sustainability goals, but also underlines the necessity of proactive shaping of developments through various methods.

Bledow, Nona; Nolte, Roland; Ludwig, Katrin; Breuer, Henning ; Mesogiti, Ioann; Tzanakaki, Anna; Gutiérrez, Jesús

Energie, Klima und Infrastruktur