With the Clean Energy Package, the EU has created a legal framework that strengthens the activities and rights of consumers and communities in the energy sector at the local level so that they can engage in inno- vative business fields such as aggregation, regional electricity (guarantees of origin), peer-to-peer energy trading, energy sharing and flexibility trading in the energy market. However, the development of energy communities in general is not new; in many cases, these communities already exist in the form of producer associations, virtual power plants and neighbourhood concepts. The definition of energy communities cho- sen in this analysis goes beyond the EU specifications, and includes all groups of individual actors who vol- untarily accept certain rules in order to act together in the energy sector to pursue a common goal.

Babilon, Linda ; Battaglia, Manuel ; Robers, Moritz ; Degel, Melanie; Ludwig, Katrin

Energie, Klima und Infrastruktur