Since a resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in 2021, all amended training regulations must include four new positions, including a new standard occupational profile position on "environmental protection and sustainability". For these occupations, it explicitly applies that the consequences of occupational activities for the environment and society must be recognised and contributed to avoidance, that materials and energy must be used sustainably and waste must be avoided.With which courses of action and concepts we can achieve this, how sustainability can be integrated into our modern society with its diverse perspectives and economy, and what role the various professional profiles play in this, is still largely open.In order to approach these questions and to provide impulses and orientation on how sustainability can be integrated into the various occupational profiles, the project agency looks at dual training from two sides:  

  • for in-company training, sustainability was operationalised taking into account the training regulations.
  • for vocational education and training, we have used the Sustainable Development Goals to show which topics are relevant for the respective occupational profile.

In order to make ESD easier to integrate for companies and vocational schools, three papers were prepared for 100 occupational profiles:

  • one impulse paper each with the orientation to the training regulations,
  • Background materials with an orientation towards the Sustainable Development Goals as well as
  • Slides on conflicting goals (as a handout for companies and vocational schools).

The project core team is supported by numerous external as well as internal partners

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