The activities, strategies and concepts associated with the project were primarily aimed at the partner country, the People's Republic of China. At the same time, however, the project was also intended to generate findings and results that could be relevant for the further development of the mobility system in Germany. This implied an explorative approach, a kind of reflective and iterative search process. Against this background, an integrated perspective and a holistic approach became even more important in the future. The entire mobility system had to be taken into account; a strong focus should be placed on systemic aspects; sustainability - in a broader sense and with significantly higher requirements - should be pursued; incremental improvements should be overcome; rather, variants of real transformations of the mobility system should be elaborated and presented.

In addition, the Mobility Foresight Study for China and Germany was closely aligned with the global foresight project on the transformation of mobility by mid-century " T4<2° - Transport for under two degrees", with special attention paid to the systematic development and use of synergies between the two foresight projects. The focus was on the harmonisation and transfer of applied methods and tools as well as the synergetic use of access and resources for interviews and workshops and the mutual exchange of project results. The goal is the transformation of mobility by the middle of the century.