Katrin Ludwig


Regenerative Energy Systems (M. Sc.)
The person

Katrin Ludwig is an engineer for renewable energy systems and has been working as a researcher at the IZT since 2018.

In her projects, she works on a wide range of socio-ecological issues for climate- and resource-efficient products, services, social innovations and infrastructures.

Her work focuses on the transformation of the energy system and in particular on the topics of decentralisation, democratisation and digitalisation of the energy system.

In 2018, Katrin Ludwig completed her Master of Science degree in the Regenerative Energy Systems engineering programme at TU Berlin. This followed on from her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering/Regenerative Energies at HTW Berlin.

During her studies, she worked as a student assistant at the IZT in the research area of sustainability and transformation and at the German Energy Agency (dena) in the area of energy-efficient buildings. Before starting her studies, Katrin Ludwig trained as a biology laboratory assistant. She then worked in this profession for three years.


  • Energy, resources and emissions
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Energy system
  • Impact assessment
  • Scenario technique