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Is targeting the solution? Evidence from an experiment on radon risk communication
Authors Dametto, Diego; Oertel, Britta; Pölzl-Viol, Christiane; Böhmert, Christoph
Year of publication 2023
Environmental and Consumer Policy
In: Reinventing Europe. The History of the European Union since 1945
Authors Leucht, Brigitte; Seidel, Katja; Warlouzet, Laurent
Year of publication 2022
Mobility justice as a guiding concept of transport policy
Shaping the socio-ecological transformation of mobility in a just and inclusive way
Authors Rammler, Stephan; Thomas, Dirk; Kollosche, Ingo; Flores, Sabine
Year of publication 2022
Sustainability assessment of socio-technical innovation and biomass use pathways
Joint project: Climate-Resilient Urban-Rural Cooperation: Regional Innovations in Biomass Energy Use and Governance
Authors Degel, Melanie; Hackfort, Sarah; Steck, Lisa
Year of publication 2022
The value of public transport between the common good and commerce
Change in value creation through new mobility services
Authors Kollosche, Ingo; Oehme, Rafael; Schade, Wolfgang; Scherf, Christian; Streif, Marcel; Thomas, Dirk
Year of publication 2022
Artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology in public administration
An overview of opportunities and risks including the presentation of internationally relevant practical examples
Authors Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Kluge, Jakob; Steiger, Saskia
Year of publication 2022
Energy Communities: Accelerators of the decentralised energy transition
With digital technologies on the way to new roles in the energy system of the future
Authors Babilon, Linda ; Battaglia, Manuel; Robers, Moritz ; Degel, Melanie; Ludwig, Katrin
Year of publication 2022
Data governance and regulation for a sustainable Berlin
Overarching findings and recommendations
Authors Gailhofer, Peter; Franke, Johannes; Gsell, Martin; Kollsche, Ingo; Thomas, Dirk; Stockhaus, Heidi; Best, Aaron
Year of publication 2022
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